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“Lap Cheong”

deep fried chinese sausage

Luncheon Fries –pork-

(add on cheese sauce $1)

Owlet Wings

crispy & tender juicy mid joint wings


Chicken Pop

Chicken Soft Bone

crunchy & crispy chicken soft bone

Skinful Chicken

crispy chicken skin

Moo Ping

Sotong Balls

Golden Pocket

deep fried bean curd skin

stuffed with fish paste

Stingray Fin

Stingray Soft Bone


French Fries

Sweet Potato Fries


Garlic Bread

baguette spread with homemade garlic butter

Vegetarian Chai Gor

with truffle oil




Owlet Wings
Golden Pocket

Spicy Hot Wings

crispy mid wings

toss with spicy hot sauce

Mala Edamame

Grilled Chicken

Crispy Whitebait

Ikan Bilis

crispy ikan bilis, onion, calamansi juice & chilli padi

Crispy Baby Squid

garlic, onion, curry leaves & chilli padi

Cheese & Mayo Fries

crispy golden fries

drizzled with cheese sauce & mayonnaise


Top Shell

onion, calamansi juice, tobasco & chilli padi

Mini German Sausage

smoked, mildly spiced german chicken bratwurst

topped with fresh onion & mustard

Beef Cube




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